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"Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first."

Mathew Jacobsen

What I offer

Play based program. I provide the kids skills and tools to help them strengthen their inside world and cope with the outside world. 

I help you be a better parent. We work together on your parenting journey with your children and set goals to achieve the best parenting method required. 

These workshops are practical ways to show you techniques and methods to deal with everyday struggles we face with our children. 

We work on both parents & kids together in these sessions. We connect them both & work on creating the bond that might've been lost along the way.


My story

My name is Mai El-Badawy. I'm a certified kids life coach from the kids life studio. I started this journey since 2015...

What Parents Think

"My daughter became more self confident, she's not as oversensitive as before. She doesn't insist on what she wants for no reason, she talks and tells me how she feels. 

She started making friends more like her. And if anyone bothers her, it doesn't get to her like before. And she comes and talks to me about it, in a more confident way."

Kenzy's Mom

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