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What are the services I provide?

Kids Sessions

Who is it for?

For children starting from ages 9 , that face issues like self-esteem issues, bullying, anxiety, sleep problems, confidence problems, lying, aggressiveness, and a lot more.
It's also for children who need guidance and just need to learn some skills to help them in facing life and to strengthen their personalities.
I help them deal with their issues, to be their own leaders, to be more independent, to face obstacles and know how to deal with them. It's a transformational program for children, so we can have a better generation with amazing traits and personalities.

What happens in sessions?

We work through a program of  6 to 12 sessions of  45-60 min duration every week. I work with the child in a positive way, so I focus on the good things about them and emphasize them. We set goals regarding the things we need to focus on and work on achieving them by the end of the program. I also ask them to bring the tools to use during the program to help them achieve their goals.

A Natural Girl

Parents Sessions

Who is it for?

It's for parents who are seeking knowledge to help them  along their parenting journey. For parents who read and research a lot but still need help to put things into place.

For parents who need to work on their parenting skills, to be calmer parents, to be more aware of how they deal with their children and are willing to fix flaws from their own childhood, and be the kind of parents who put themselves in their children's shoes instead of screaming and shouting and getting no results.

It's also for parents of children of all ages, for burnt out moms who reached a place that they can't handle their kids anymore. So they attend sessions to put everything into place and start their parenting journey.


What happens in sessions?  

We have 6 to 12 sessions where we talk once a week for an hour . We see the current situation first. What they need to work on ( and that is clear from the assessment you fill first). We set some goals, start working every week on one of the goals. Work in a practical way to adapt the new skills learnt on the way they actually deal with their children and incorporate it in their life. 

We also dig deeper into the way the parent was raised up, generational traumas, and limiting beliefs that are affecting their own way of parenting now. 

You receive videos and worksheets between sessions to help you dig deeper into this journey and heal what you need to heal.

Parents & Kids Package

Who is it for?

It's for parents who want to learn more about parenting, want to be better parents for their kids, parents who have issues with their kids, parents who think they're failing this parenting journey. And also for kids from 9 years of age who have some issues and need to find someone other than their parents to talk to. Who face a lot of problems in school, at home, with friends, or mainly have some behavioral issues that needs tweaking. It's for both parent and child and creating a bond that might have been broken due to circumstances that they both faced. It's to connect both parents and children again or create the relationship they always wished for.


What happens in sessions?  

We have 12 sessions in this awesome package. Where the child has 6 sessions and the parent 6 sessions.  We will have weekly sessions of duration 45-60 min. We will set goals every session, we will work on everything together. We will have tasks to work on throughout the week for both parent and child, and I will be holding the space for them to open up and transform. 

The parent will get educational videos and worksheets that will help them dig deeper into this process and learn more techniques and skills. 

Family Trip


Coming workshops:

* How to be a calm parent
* How to communicate with your child
* How to introduce sexual education to your child

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