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My story

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Hi, I’m Mai El badawy. I’m a kids and parents coach. I‘m a certified kids coach from The Kids Life Studio, and I’m also a certified parenting coach from Jai institute. I’m a Positive Discipline Parent educator. And I have a diploma in child and teen psychology, and Certification in CBT in trauma healing for children and teens. I also work in Generational Trauma healing. 


 I coach children from age 9 and up, and I help parents with kids of all ages. I mainly help kids who have problems in behavior, confidence, bullying, being shy, anxiety, sleep problems, or who cannot connect with their parents. 



And I help mothers who reached a burn out phase, who feel angry most of the time and can’t regulate their emotions. Who also can’t handle their kids and feel lost and disconnected in their parenting journey and on a personal level. 

  I started this journey since 2015, where I decided to help kids and start studying to be able to do that. I took this decision because I myself as a child faced a lot of issues that I needed someone else's help and I needed to talk to someone other than my parents. And all issues start in childhood, because our parents do and say things which has a huge effect on us as children and leaves a big impact on us and shapes us as adults. So I decided to help children and their parents to have a better experience together. 

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